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  • How much does a chicken cost?
    $5.00 to $9.00 per pound depending on the breed you purchase. Our most common meat chicken is the Cornish Cross Broiler that is $5.00 per pound whole and frozen.
  • Are you certified organic?
    No. All of our birds eat only organic feed from a local Amish farm. They also eat anything (grass, weeds, dandelions, worms, bugs) that they forage for on pasture. We are eliminating the cost of certification and passing the savings on to you.
  • How much will my chicken/turkey weigh?
    That's really up to that particular bird. They have open access to feed and to anything they find on pasture. Our chickens will range from 3lbs to a max of about 7lbs. Our turkeys will range from about 12lbs to 20+lbs. You have the freedom to choose the bird you like (from our current inventory) when you pick up your order.
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